Thailand Sun Sports Marketing Co., Ltd339/23 Moo 3 Bangkruay-Sainoy RdBangbuathong, Nonthaburi 11110 Thavee Poyprakon
Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden PerfTech ABPlatensgatan 21, Motala 591 35, Sweden Peter Hofslagare+46 70 327.4707
USA SPICA Technology Corp. 777 Awalau Rd., Suite 100, Haiku HI 96708 Mikael Brommels (808) 280.8659 Motion Imaging Corporation, Inc.,354 Crompton St., Charlotte, NC 28273(704)
A high performance capture and motion analysis suite, featuring 2D/3D static and dynamic calibration, multiple video sensor synchronized capture, target manual and auto-tracking  
United Kingdom MIE Medical Research LTD6 Wortley Moor RoadLeeds LS12 4JF Dr. Malcolm 
Capture - Digital high speed video capture up to 10,000 FPS, standalone and multiple sensors - High A/D sampling capture - Audio up to 192 Khz / 24 bits - IRIG-B - Scramnet 
Over the years we have developed many different applications involving high performance and precision capture and realtime processing, serving a broad range of industries, from academic, manufacture and military customers, as some as listed below
We offer customized high performance image processing and control solutions using our advanced proprietary API
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Control  - Interfacing several protocols over ethernet TCP/UDP, Serial RS232, ArtNet, among others - Advanced UI/UX design and implementation over OpenGL or GDI 
Storage - High performance and capacity I/O on proprietary and standard formats 
We’re a 15 year experience vision company specialized in high performance video recording and motion capture
Our realtime helmet tracker system, offering high rate 6DOF data update, high precision up to 3 mrad, sensor redundancy, all COTS hardware 
Our digital high speed recording system, featuring uncompressed video capture up to 10,000 FPS and a very sophisticated UI/UX allowing a fast and flexible ROI selection, multiple trigger modes, IRIG-B, external control protocols, among other features 
Processing - Realtime image processing and analysis - Multi-processing - GPU optimized procedures 
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